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Wilde Java is growing into one of the UK’s premier Importer's of Asian handicrafts and Exotic furniture from Indonesia, India, China and Thailand.

Unique and practical, rustic and timeless, all hand made and when possible using recycled materials , we work hard to design, develop and create with the help of our artisan suppliers individual and non mass produced home accessories .

Wilde Java are a member of ACID

Handmade for you…
In this modern world consumers want to know where products they purchase are from be it food, clothing or any other commodity.

People want to know the source of the products they are buying.
At Wilde Java we have never dealt with any mass producing export factories in the far east, instead we choose to work with families we have dealt with for over 15 years making by hand unique products.

We believe that today's consumer would be interested and happy in the knowledge that some of the money they have spent on an item will be filtered back into the local communities in 

Indonesia from where the products are sourced and to also know that the money they are spending helps towards supporting local communities.

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